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While both genders can fall victim to cellulite, that dreaded orange-peel look affects many more women than men. In fact, an estimated near 90% of all women eventually develop cellulite. The health care experts at Advanced Laser Skin Center in Columbus, Ohio, are dedicated to helping solve your skin care concerns and have a nonsurgical solution for those lumpy fat deposits -- LPG® endermologie®. Call the center today to make an appointment or use their patient-friendly online scheduling service.

Cellulite Treatment Q & A

What is cellulite?

Cellulite is the term used for the lumpy flesh caused by fatty deposits under the skin. It occurs most often on the thighs, hips, buttocks, and abdomen. It can also develop on the inner knees and upper arms. Cellulite is sometimes related to weight gain, which can make it more apparent. Yet even lean and fit individuals can develop cellulite.

Women seem much more susceptible, possibly because female fat tends to settle around the hips, thighs, and buttocks, but men are not immune to cellulite.

What causes cellulite?

It’s not really clear why some individuals have significant cellulite, while others develop much less or don’t develop any cellulite at all. The fat cells involved in cellulite occur between tough, fibrous cords of connective tissue that keep your skin tethered to underlying muscle tissue.

As these fat cells accumulate and overfill the space, they push against the skin and create dimpling on the surface. Because of their nature and location, these lumpy fat deposits are resistant to exercise and diet, and treatments such as liposuction may even worsen the appearance of cellulite.      

Mild cases of cellulite may only be noticeable when you gently pinch a section of your skin together or when actions such as sitting apply pressure to the affected area. For many individuals, however, cellulite is always apparent. It’s felt that loss in skin elasticity as you age may increase the appearance of cellulite. However, even healthy young adults may develop it.  

What is LPG endermologie?

LPG® is a company that developed a natural way of treating cellulite and called it endermologie®. This approach uses deep massage to effectively loosen the fat cells responsible for cellulite. The massage is provided by a patented mechanical roller system that’s strong enough to soften the clumped, fatty tissue in the cellulite-affected region.

This increases blood flow to the affected area and improves lymphatic circulation, which is your body’s waste-removal system. The massage also releases toxins and other compounds trapped in these fatty pockets, allowing the lymphatic system to drain them away. This action relieves pressure on the skin and leaves behind a smoother, tighter appearance. As an added bonus, many patients find endermologie massage treatments relaxing and refreshing.  

A treatment typically lasts about 45 minutes. Most patients require several treatments to see full results, and coming back for maintenance treatments help keep the fatty deposits from reappearing.